About Us

The Owner and current Managing Director Mr B C Koopman and his wife Mrs L R Koopman started Eagle Night Watch Security as a small security Business in September 1995. At that stage Mr Koopman was still employed as an investigation Officer at the Oranjemund Investigation Branch of the Namibian Police and Mrs. Koopman at Namibia Post. Mr. Koopman resigned as a traffic Officer in 1999 to look after his own interests and during this period thereafter the company achieved numerous awards for its excellence in service.

The company is now contracted to render services to major companies and organisations such as First National Bank, Telecom Namibia, Namibia Post, Skorpion Zinc as well as Rossing Uranium Mine. These contractors enjoy the excellent services which Eagle Night Watch Security renders to them. By the year 2003 the company was well known amongst its clients in the Southern and Central regions and is now one of the most recognised security companies in Namibia. In 2015 Mrs. Koopman became director of Eagle Night Watch Security and with Mr. Koopman as Managing Director.

Our Vision
Our vision at E.N.W.S is to be one of the safest, security services providers in the near future, taking lead in one of the world’s fastest growing, and most needed industries.

Our Mission:
E.N.W.S is a proud Namibian company owned by a Namibian for Namibians who has a great mission at hand to employ, equip and empower previously disadvantaged Namibians with the necessary skills and knowledge. This in essence would allow each successful applicant the chance and opportunity to become highly skilled, fully qualified professional security officer.

These Security officers would be capable of rendering a high level security services to all our clients by safeguarding their employees, as well as their premises, products, goods/services, valuables and securing them in a safe environment at all times. We align our services in accordance to the nation’s best standards rendered to the point our clients believe and trust in our excellence service delivery.

We will however not stop there as we will continue to strive and exceed all expectations by our deeply valued clientele in which we continuously adapt to the growing dynamics of this industry. This would allow us to promote the ultimate goal of Namibia as a safe harbour and beautiful country for its citizens and visitors.

Our Values:
We at E.N.W.S believe in the core values of transparency, security, safety, integrity and communication.

Our Moto:
Securing your valuables.